Let’s start at the very beginning…

We spoken about starting a “fitness” company for quite some time now. But, where to begin? We have deep rooted opinions and responses to today’s biggest food dilemmas, GMO’s, Sugars, Orangic, Impact on the Environment, just to name a few. How do you know where to start, what kind of impact do you want to make, what is our personal experience and reasoning behind this? Well, let’s start with an experiment shall we…

In early 2016, I experienced what is classified as Extreme Emotional Trauma, and continue to be berated with it. Plain and simple, doesn’t matter what it is, it is extreme. My body’s response to this was an autoimmune response. Over the last year, I lost in the ballpark of 50 lbs, most of which was lost over a 3 month duration. I went from a healthy size six, to a 00-0 where often that is too large as well. It sound’s blasé in today’s world of the perpetuated need to be thin; but, it’s unhealthy. I have dry eyes and dry mouth, I have developed a tremor, I have debilitating aches and inflammation, I have tachycardia to the point I get light-headed and black out, I have shortness of breath and the constant anxiety is crippling. Those I haven’t seen in the last year all ask the same questions “are you ok?”, “are you sick?”, “what are you doing to lose so much weight?”. And, I cannot talk about it. I simply brush it all off and attribute it all to healthy eating and lifestyle habits. As that is partially true, it’s kept me sane and from aquiring type two diabetes or fatty liver disease, (skinny fat) it’s not the whole story.

I’m not a believer in western medicine, except for the extreme cases for pain management, I’m a firm believer in what you put in your body has the most affect overall. If you subscribe to the “magic pill” for this, you often need another “magic pill” to offset the side effects from that first “magic pill” and so on. There’s countless examples of those that have reversed so much from diet change, even in those that didn’t necessarily eat fast food/processed food every day of their lives. It isn’t just about weight, it’s about overall health. So let’s move on to my experiment.

There’s evidence that a plant based diet has amazing effects on overall physical health as well as mental health. There’s examples of clinically depressed patients, suicidal patients, that have completely changed their entire lives by switching to a plant based eating lifestyle. Individuals struggling with diabetes and obesity have regained their life without western intervention; but, by changing their eating habits and lifestyle. Think about it, how many pro athletes are coming out indicating they’re now embracing a vegan lifestyle and will never look back? Seriously, Google it, the list grows practically daily. So, I’m doing a 30 day experiment, going completely plant based, to see if it naturally reduces and improves my autoimmune symptoms. Autoimmune is not considered a curable disease; but, only one that you treat and control the symptoms. The drugs that are perscribed are terrible. The side effects include: consequences of diminished immuno-response, i.e. Infections and cancer, toxic side effects that involve almost every organ, cardiovascular intolerance, vision loss, and tendon rupture. I’ll pass, thank you! So, no supplements, no cheating, completely plant based for 30 days, and we’ll see what nature has in store for me.

~Katie Coleman~
Co-Founder of EatFitLife

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