Plant Based Eating Experiment – Update

The most difficult thing about going all plant based in my diet is honestly the cooking experience. I live to cook. The processes are similar; but, ingredients will react differently. Coconut oil doesn’t react the same way butter does, and meatless burgers need much, much more of a binding ingredient than hamburger. But, there’s nothing wrong with trial and error, and frankly, it’s fun! The best part is how I feel. Even in just 4 short days, I can honestly say I feel a huge difference. Today, I didn’t wake up with this overwhelming stiffness and pain. I had a headache, but it was from a strange sleeping position. Think about that, a headache is nothing compared to how I have been waking up feeling for the last year. That’s amazingly crazy! Normally by this time at night, 9:30 CST, I would be in a fog that I was likely experiencing some of all day, I would be annoying tired and my mood would, well, suck. Even after some unnerving experiences the last few days, I’m in high spirits. My digestion seems to be regulating itself. I don’t have the lower abdominal heavy brick feeling; and, I don’t have any bloat. I’m not craving any meat or dairy and am quite satisfied throughout the day. I’ve basically substituted comparable plant based ingredients and removed all meat. I’m a forager throughout the day but breakfasts always have consisted of whole grains, there’s been no change there except for almond milk in place of dairy. Lunch, I literally just snack. Dinners have been the biggest change, we have family dinner every night, so the children and fiancé are part of this too…hehe…I kid, they’re enjoying it too.

Night One’s Menu – Veggie burgers consisting of sweet potato and black beans with Tex-mex seasonings and oven fries made with carrots.

Night Two’s Menu – Jasmine Rice with Veggie Stir Fry.

Night Three’s Menu – Veggie Pizza with a Vegan Béchamel.

Night Four’s Menu – Vegan Spaghetti with Sprouted Grain Garlic Toast.

All hearty, all delicious and all amazing. So far, so good!

~Katie Coleman~
Co-Founder Eat Fit Life

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