Plant Based Eating Experiment – Update 01/08/17

Skin changes! Wasn’t even a thought in my mind, but my skin is improving. The last several months, I had been dealing with adult acne, only on my face, something terrible. It wasn’t a series of breakouts and didn’t correlate with hormonal cycles either. We’re now at day Seven of the experiment and my skin has been effected tremendously. A new blemish did appear two days ago; however, it has almost completely cleared already, on it’s own with no special treatment. In the past, I’d be lucky if I could get one to clear up completely in two weeks. I’m curious to see if my hair and nails will begin to show any signs of rejuvenation as well. I’m still noticing I feel better overall. Digestion seems to be highly improved as well as the frequency of bowel movements.


Day Six and Seven family dinners have consisted of a vegan chili. (See Recipe Post)
Amazing didn’t even begin to describe how amazing this chili turned out. Justin made the comment that he doesn’t even miss the meat, at all. That’s huge considering he was a self proclaimed carnivore who “must have his meat”. Surprisingly, he’s really enjoying this experiment. He does eat his cheese and adds dairy to his coffee; but, baby steps with that one!

Still loving how much better I feel.

~Katie Coleman~
Eat Fit Life

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  1. Cansu Ashley says:

    Awesome!! Plant based eating hands my life! I’m glad you’re finding the positives and eating hearty meals. Not many people can do that. They think it’s all fruits and veggies only haha


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