Plant Based Eating Experiment – Update 01/10/17

Let’s talk about salt. This assuredly won’t be the last time this topic comes up. Salt is a huge culprit in an overall health crisis and more directly in how I feel. We definitely cook and bake with salt, but as a flavor enhancer only. We’re talking a tsp here and there for 8 servings plus. The overall trend, even in healthier fast food and takeout options, is an abundance of salt added to everything. It often takes cheap ingredients and makes them taste appealing and addictive.  Even canned goods, and good luck finding low sodium options in most, the salt content is sky high. (13-18% of daily recommended intake per serving) So, if you eat an entire can of canned corn for example, you’re at upwards of 60% of your daily recommended intake. Yuck! Frozen veggies are a great alternative when veggies are out of season; but, it needs to be cost effective as well. Some things we can’t control but we can try our best.

As a family, one of our favorite quick restaurant or takeout meals are burrito bowls, you know what establishment I’m referring to here. Nothing against them as a company, but check the nutritional facts and peek at that Sodium level. Does their food taste amazing? Um…heck yeah, but we can do better, not just for the ol’ pocket book, but for ourselves as well.

Day Seven’s Dinner was a home-made version of a Fajita Burrito Bowl, Vegan. So simple, and the leftovers are the best part. We can enjoy them with chips, or someone gets an amazing lunch.
We have rice made pretty much all the time. If I wanted to make it special, I would add 2 TBSP of lime juice during cooking, and chopped cilantro when done and left to infuse for a few hours.

I made a simple guacamole, 2 avocados, with cilantro to taste, a small onion and one suprisingly potent jalapeño. Salt and lime juice to taste.

A can of corn, drained, with lime juice and cilantro to taste made a great quick corn salsa.

A can of pinto beans, drained with 1/8 tsp liquid smoke mixed in and heated through.

2 Bell Peppers and a Medium Onion Sautéed until soft.

Assembled in whatever way you like.

All in all, this is pretty low sodium, although not at low as it could be. Fresh or frozen corn would have been an amazing alternative. The beans were low sodium, so that was a huge bonus. Flavors were amazing and adults and children alike, gobbled it up. Served 4.


Move on to Day Eight’s dinner. We found ourselves at IKEA around dinner time. IKEA does have a few plant-based dining options. Veggie meatballs with ragu and veggies to the rescue. The problem is once again the sodium content is sky high. Justin literally hit a pocket of salt while eating. I didn’t have that experience; however, later last night, I had that unquenchable thirst and water retention that I began to notice in my joints and fingers. A ring that I normally had no issue putting on and removing, proved to be quite difficult to take off.

I feel positive about the progress over the last week, but, am still feeling the sodium effects this morning. Oh well, home-made healthy dinner tonight!

~Katie Coleman~
Co-Founder Eat Fit Life

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