Plant Based Diet Experiment – Update 01/20/17

Alright, so, it’s been about a week of complete illness running through the household. ‘Tis the season for cold and flu. Yet, I’ve managed to stay on track eating plant based. This is a quick update since I’ve been feeling quite awful with a head cold and can’t differentiate health benefits whilst fighting a virus from hell. I will say, after heavily medicating myself on the 18th in order to attend a holiday/awards banquet; we found ourselves realizing the menu was out of our hands. Not going to lie, I ate two bites of chicken, but the rest was veggies and carbs. No telling what was added or used. Delicious as it was, the next day both Justin and I found ourselves with a plethora of digestive upsets. Last night, out of nowhere, my diverticulitis flared up in a painful attack, coupled with the heavy feeling I hadn’t experienced since beginning this experiment. This further exemplifies the honest to goodness positive effects plant based eating has. There have been a couple great recipes since the last update, and will get those posted, so watch for Asian Inspired Pizza and a much more improved Veggie Burger. 😋

Written by Katie Coleman
Co-Founder of Eat Fit Life

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