Plant Based Eating Experiment – Conclusion


I think my biggest takeaway from a plant based diet is how my body processes food, specifically animal product. With plant based, including gluten, my digestion was on point, I had no unexpected digestive upsets, except when I’d introduce an animal product. The experiment officially ended on the 1st of February, 2017; but, recooperating from our Wedding, did I forget to mention that….and wanting to experience the difference of reintroducing animal products, I waited a week to accurately report.

I actually have remained somewhat vegan in my approach since. I have eaten sushi and really not so great things on Super Bowl Sunday, (beef, chichen, mounds of cheese). I’ve found I really enjoy vegetable sushi with a few raw fish delicacies thrown in. Fish seemingly has no effect on my overall digestion and wellbeing. Beef and Chicken are a different story, coupled with the cheese, needless to say I was left feeling like a stuffed turkey and am still feeling the effects. The water retention I experience when ingesting meat and high sodium is rediculous. I throw high sodium in there because it often goes hand-in-hand with meat preparation, sauces, rubs and marinades.

Other than the cheese smothering the nachos on Sunday, I haven’t returned to milk, or Bovine Juice, as Justin refers to it. I had switched from heavy cream in my coffee to unsweetened almond milk with a teaspoon of Dutch processed cocoa power. I found that almond milk was lacking the creamy rounded flavor that cream gave coffee; but, the cocoa powder fixes that issue, for me.

The overall health benefits have been noticeable throughout. Switching to plant based didn’t reverse the irreversible and incurable, but it makes it tolerable. With this I made a conscious effort to reduce sugar intake as well. When taking a recipe and transforming it into a vegan one, I’d often reduce the fat and sugar with amazing results. Sugar is well known to enhance inflammation, something I’ve been suffering greatly from, and it has helped immensely. On evenings where I’d ingest a more decadent dessert or even a cereal with more added sugar than should ever be needed, I’d wake the next morning stiff, puffy, sore, my eyes would ache and it was a struggle to get out of bed. Aiding in fluid retention, I ¬†maintained the regiment of green tea and lemon in the morning and peppermint tea before bed. If you’ve never tried it, green tea pretty much instantly begins flushing water out of your body. Peppermint, is great for digestion in general, and it helps me relax.

So, I guess this really isn’t a conclusion for me, it’s more of a beginning of a healthier more understood lifestyle. Will I eat meat, yes, but likely held for special occasions, dinner parties, BBQs and family gatherings. I’ve had immense fun creating and recreating recipes. I still get to cook and it’s more of a challenge, which I love. I guess this is the premise of Eat Fit Life, finding what works for you, embracing that and finding your inner peace.

~Katie Novak~
Co-Founder of Eat Fit Life

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